Mission Enforced in Zambia, Africa; New Year's Invitational

What an event! The first annual New Year's Invitational came together in less than two weeks notice. Mission Enforced was inspired by both the youth eager to learn the game and the pros, amateurs, and seniors eager to play the game of golf. With the help of a committee of six and the tremendous support from the sponsors listed below, we were able to bring pros, amateurs, seniors, and juniors together for a three day event. This event was more than just a golf tournament... it is the beginning of a movement. During our stay in Zambia, we noticed that many of the golfers with 3+ handicaps had equipment that was outdated, and extremely overused (needed new grips or heads), or they had clubs in which they had borrowed, simply because they didn't have the means. We also realized that many of them, although were great at golf, also needed assistance in terms of tutoring in school, or even resources such as transportation to get to and from the golf course.

The New Year's Invitational brought golfers from all over Africa, and even the U.S. The mission was to increase the awareness across the world of golf in Zambia, and to bring together the young and "more seasoned" golfers through a united tournament. From clinics to hat signing from the pros, to tournament play and a pin ceremony, the Juniors got to experience what it's like to "play like a pro".

Our mission is to create the awareness of golf in Zambia and to assist the golfers in need, with things such as golf equipment, tutoring, life skills and mentoring... this is at the core of the Mission Enforced Foundation, and until all kids are off the streets, we are Mission Enforced!

A special thanks to all the sponsors: World Vision, Lusaka Golf Pro Shop (GolfHub), Mr. Colin Musonda, Mr. Caleb Mulenga, Prudential, Mr. Marlon Kananda, Jewel of Africa, NSHIMBI, Mr. James Chona, Comesa, Luangwa Golf Tour, FunGolf (USA), Mission Enforced Foundation (USA), SuperSport, ZNBC, Capital FM, and Hot Media Group

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