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With over 30 years of combined entrepreneurial knowledge, the Mission Enforced Foundation™ will be launching their fully interactive Online and In-Class Entrepreneurship Course designed to help young adults understand all the basics of Entrepreneurship, including but not limited to:


  • Refining Your Idea

  • Building a Business Plan

  • Assessing Your Finances

  • Determining Your Legal Business Structure

  • Registering Legally

  • Purchasing an Insurance Policy

  • Building Your Team

  • Choosing Your Vendors

  • Branding Yourself and Advertising

  • Growing Your Business


Although the basic concepts are a key role to functioning as an entrepreneur, they are not everything.  It takes more than just a nice website, and a good idea to become an entrepreneur. Therefore, our course will also equip our students with the components needed for what we call “survival” in a “dog eat dog” world.  We will go over the following but not limited to:


  • Finding Your Passion

  • Researching

  • Learning From the Inside Out

  • Finding Mentors

  • Networking

  • Public Speaking

  • Developing Great Communication Skills

  • Figuring Out Finances

  • Cultivating Grit

  • Understanding Failing Is A Part of the Process

  • Learning From Others Without Comparing

  • Getting Over the Fear of Leaping Into the Unknown


All of these components are intended to help our students thrive in their entrepreneurial ventures.  This course will be built around Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad For Teens”. It gives insight into the four sections of the CASHFLOW®  Quadrant.  Our students will know, by the end of the course, which Quadrant they need to be in, what type of learning style they have, and how to assess another person’s learning style to help improve communication.  They will be able to understand the different types of income and the difference among income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Last, however definitely not least, our students will understand the essence of personal development and the cultivation of a positive mindset that is required to be a successful entrepreneur!


“Our goal here at the Mission Enforced Foundation™ is to help cultivate our youth into the leaders of our society!”  ~Krystal R. McNutt (MEF™- -Founder)


This course is projected to begin in March, 2020.

This course will only hold 30 students.  Pre-Register to hold your spot today!  Once you submit through the Pre-Registration page below, an Admissions Representative will contact you with more information.


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